Friday, October 1, 2010

Colorblind = Blind

From Tim Wise's blog, here is a really interesting and compelling study.

Colorblindness Reduces Kids Ability to See

People are sometimes shocked by the things I discuss with my children, and the ideas and situations my children bring up with me.  I do it because I think my kiddos need to see and understand what is really happening in the world in order to both survive it (literally for black kids, live) and change it.

This study seems like nice confirmation of my choices.  And encouragement to do more.

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PNW Mama said...

Sara, this is such a good topic. I think it may inspire a blog post of my own at some point. We went to see an exhibit on women's suffrage recently and there was a very compelling cartoon about the blindness of justice. It's a common theme in jurisprudence that justice should be blind. The cartoon had Justice blindfolded with a bunch of men at the polls and a police officer keeping women away from the polls. It actually sort of choked me up. Of course, the cartoonist only had it half right. All of the characters in the cartoon were white.