Friday, April 9, 2010

White Sports

You wanna talk about how white I am?  Let's talk sports.

There is one sport I love. That I regularly wish I could make time in my life to play.  That I've wanted to play since I was about 8.  That I feel guilty for not devoting time and money to enable my kids to play because I think it is so great to watch and play.


Do you know how dominated by white people hockey is?  Very.  Very, very.  If I signed my kids up at any of the 3 rinks around that do kid hockey, my daughter would likely be the only black peson in the whole program.  

If we really wanted to devote our energies to connecting with families of other black children, basketball is the way to go here. In fact, some of the basketball clubs I've seen around here are sort of the opposite of hockey.  If I signed my kids up, my son would likely be the only white person in the building.

Turns out, neither of my children like being the only anything in the room. So, we do baseball and soccer because they're fun and Bill and I can stand watching hours of them each week.  In our neighborhood each of these sports are pretty equally represented by the prominent races in our area. Both my children are making friends, getting great exercise and love the sports. It works for our family.

Still, my white Montana-bred heart longs for hockey. That's just how white I am.

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