Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Letting It In

Today, I'm entering baby mania.  

Bill met with our matched mama for lunch, after we talked with her last week. She's delightful, seems very grounded and well supported by her family.  Hearing from her and why she thinks this adoption supports her has given me permission to get really excited.

The kids and I went to Gap and picked out outfits for the baby.  Oh my gosh, I'd forgotten how tiny they are. And remember size 0-3 months will be HUGE at first?  Just makes my heart squeeze.  Newborn size FuzziBunz diapers arrived a few days ago, which turns out to be a whole rainbow of teeny baby bottom cuteness.  I've taken to wondering how much hair he'll have and practicing inhaling newborn baby smell.   

Two thing got the tears flowing today while Bill told me about his lunch.  First, she kept copies of the sonogram for us which I think is so considerate and sweet (sniff, I've never seen pictures of my babies on the inside before).  And, happy sigh, I think we have a name for him (don't bother asking because we're not going to tell you).  

I'm looking forward to being mama to a little baby again, soon! I think we're going to have a great time together.

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