Monday, October 12, 2009

Eat a Duck

Last week, Bill came home with a frozen duck. Sigh.

I put off baking it for 7 days because I find duck difficult to do right. Finally, though, it was defrosted long enough that I had to do something or else throw its $20 self in the trash. After reading through most of my cook books, Jamie Oliver's Jamie's Dinners offered a recipe that sounded easy and good enough to try.

By the time I had it in the oven I was salivating and wishing the 2 hour cooking time would hurry by. In the end, the house smelled great, the meat pulled away temptingly from the bone and the skin had a flavorful crunch to it.

Go Jamie! His book also includes my favorite ever recipe for roasted chicken.

A poem to honor our happy duck eating moment!

Eat a Duck

Eat a duck, quack-quack,
eat a duck, quack-quack,
when you're hungry and you really need a snack, quack-quack.

When you've fizzled and you're knackered
and they're calling you a slacker,
there's nothing like a quacker on a cracker.

1 comment:

Tera said...

Somehow this reminds me a bit of beans bean the magical fruit....something about having a seven year-old keeps fart jokes at the top of my mind.