Monday, October 5, 2009

Almost Waiting

As we get closer and closer to actually being in "waiting" status for our new baby, I find my emotions around the event ratcheting up. Because honestly, if we're this close it means that out there right now at least one woman/family is in total crisis, and I'm about to benefit hugely and delightfully from what may be the most heartbreaking moment of her/their lives.

To be part of that system saddens me. Oh to have a magic wand with which I can set everything in the world right RIGHT now. Wouldn't it be lovely if suddenly there were no babies left needing families? Really. Still here we are with babies needing families and our family wanting to welcome more children into our home.

I found it affirming this morning to find the same idea already written in somebody else's blog. Issycat expresses it coming from a different point of view and a different emotion, yet the idea and the problem are still the same.

(PAP stands for prospective adoptive parent)

2. ADOPTION is not natural. It isn’t. A person giving their child to an agency to be given to complete strangers to raise. Not natural. PAP’s wriitng “Dear Birthmother” letters trying to pimp themselves to women in crisis pregnancy situations in the hope of obtaining said baby… not natural.

You know what is natural? Babies going home and being cared for by the mothers who carried them in their bodies. That is natural. Anything else is just a little sad.

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