Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Chipper

One of the types of workouts I've been introduced to through the world of CrossFit is the "chipper".  This is some series of activities designed, essentially, to grind you up and spit you out in small, quivering pieces.  Something like this (from Eugene Crossfit):

50 Box jump
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings
50 Walking lunge steps
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press
50 Back extensions
50 Wall ball shots
50 Burpees
50 Double unders

I like chippers because they are interesting and challenging.  They take what could otherwise be the same monotonous exercises and make it fun.

This past week was an emotional chipper for me.  Something like this:
  • Monday - Poor call-in connection disrupted and interfered with our teleconference history class, wasting the time and money of the teacher and a host of homeschool families.
  • Tuesday - Our awesome transracial adoption consultant challenged us on several of the many ways in which we place our white privilege priorities over our children's (especially Rosie's) needs for diversity.
  • Wednesday - A friend's teasing led me to an insight which helped me identify how often I operate out of the fear there is something truly wrong with who I am.
  • Thursday - More conversation with above friend that deepened my insight.
  • Friday - Rosie fell apart at choir, sending me into a frenzy of concern about her general emotional state these days and my lack of skills to help her present herself in socially appropriate ways.
Like the physical chipper workout, many of this week's activities were growth opportunities I sought out, even paid good money for.  And like the workout, I think the temporary havoc wreaked on my weak and trembling self creates great amounts of new strength and health.

Maybe someday I'll look back and think of it as fun, even.

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