Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Nutritional Integrity

Here is a letter I've just sent to the Director of the amazing 20/20 Nutrition and Fitness program at our beloved ProSports Club.

Dear Dr. Dedomenico,

Next week as part of your 20/20 Lecture series, several of the nutritionists on your staff will be speaking about toddler nutrition. As an alumnus of the 20/20 program and the mother of 2 small children, I am pretty sure I understand the bulk of what they will present in the class. In that hour, your nutritionists will share information about how we as parents would do best to offer a proper balance of protein, fats and carbohydrates with a careful emphasis on the quality of carbs being offered: lots of veggies, fruits and a moderate amount of whole grains. “Treats” should have 9 grams or less sugar per serving.

However, as we check in and pass through the foyer on our way to drop our kids off at Discovery Bay you will have offered them: refined wheat bagels, fruit leathers, frosting covered cookies and muffins.

You have a huge case of institutional psychosis on your hands.

I love sugar. It is a yummy treat my family and I enjoy from time to time. But you do us a disservice by putting right at the eye-level (and reach) of our small children.

Don’t take the sugar and refined grained foods away – certainly let adults choose to indulge in them. But please, take them out of the reach and plain view of kids, sending the right message and relieving us of the power struggle. My suggestion is to only place at kid level (both inside the cases and out) foods that earn your 20/20 sticker of approval.

Will you support families in making the nutritional choices you advocate?

Sara Cole
ProClub member, 20/20 Alumnus, Mom


kneek said...

Well said! Here, hear!

auroradeep said...

Hi Sara
Great. I went to a children's concert series at the Town Hall and had the same problem. Fruit leathers, fruit juices and other things for the kids. It was so frustrating. We were here to listen to Koto music and then at the end of the concert, the player tossed Hersey's candies into the air for the children to grab.

Vicki said...

Very cool, Sara! Did you hear anything back yet?

taha said...

fantastic.. did you get a response?
I've written to Pro on occasion and nothing really happens....