Friday, July 1, 2011

Personal Weirdness

I've been feeling really off for a while now.  Super tired, for one. I'm going in to get my thyroid and adrenals checked as I suspect there is a huge physical component to this.

But not just tired.   Sort of dazed, confused, unable to focus on getting things done, just seeming to react to whatever most demands my attention next.  Completely out of context with time - I can't seem to plan ahead, be aware of how long has past, what is coming next.

None of this is "normal" for me.  I'm doing an okay job coping and working around whatever is going on, but I'm also searching for what is causing it and looking for the relief of resolution.  It is really hard to live sort of on the outside of what is going on around me.

Anyone else every feel this way?  Any ideas what could be prompting it or help resolve it?


Sharon said...

Haven't you made some big physical changes lately? Big dietary changes, new exercise? And you had been taking hormone shots and aren't any more, right? How do those changes track (in your personal timeline) with how you are feeling?

I know that when I am undertaking new, strenuous exercise, I turn into an idiot for a while until my body adjusts--completely unable to plan or focus on big-picture stuff. I hope you figure out your difficulty and that it's easy to correct.

Walk With Me, Tyler Burgess said...

I can identify with the big exercise and change of diet and stuff, it will really throw me until I adjust. My solution is to take a big nap. Good luck with that one.

Jenni said...

You might consider whether the source is some sort of alarm (physical or emotional) and revisit the attention material from the intensive or watch Making Sense of Attention.