Sunday, December 26, 2010

Traditionally Busy

I love the traditions and routines that come with the winter holidays. Of course, this season also presents me with loads of opportunities to become absolutely crazy busy. Crazy is something I've tried to be mindful about this year as one of my on-going goals in my life is to create plenty of space for peace and connection.  Based on this goal, I tried to be mindful of how I planned this December.

Here are some of my favorite moments from the past few weeks in which I got to experience both:
- dipping candles and sharing stone soup with friends to celebrate the winter solstice
- decorating sugar cookies with my family
- chatting and wrapping presents with my hubby
- working with my son frying up donuts for Christmas morning
- sitting quietly by the light up tree while drinking my morning cup of tea

I also created several opportunities to see myself as overworked and under appreciated.  Thankfully, I managed this year to fairly quickly be aware of those moments and find ways to undo them.  Sometimes it simply meant taking a nap. Sometimes a phone call to a friend to express my frustrations or fears helped bring me back to a relaxed, more centered space. Once or twice it meant checking in with others to gauge expectations and then asking for help.

What do you do over the holiday season to feed your heart?  What worked well for you this year?


The Bug said...

Ever since my mother died (in 2005) I've felt so disconnected from Christmas. We live in Ohio, but ALWAYS go home to NC for Christmas, so there aren't any expectations for us to DO anything (other than arrive with gifts). But when my mom was alive there was always a huge family gathering at my parents' house & I was part of making that happen. Now I mostly sit like a lump in other people's houses eating too much.

I think that I'm going to be more intentional next year about creating some space for Christmas to be special. I might have to put it on my calendar to remember :)

Walk With Me, Tyler Burgess said...

Great family photo! You all look so happy and you look terrific in the red top!
My Christmas was much more peaceful than last year in Wyoming with that long stressful drive and all.