Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Week To Myself

Ahhhh.  The kids are in soccer camp this week from 9-3. Ahhhhh.

At 8:30, we walk over the the local park where I drop them off for 6 hours of soccer and swimming in the lake. No driving!  How lovely is it that one of the great soccer organizations in town chose our little park for their camp?

Theo declared this the best camp he's ever been to.  Besides being soccer obsessed right now, Theo adamantly insists that the coaches are the nicest he's ever met.  Bill and I suspect that Rosie plays soccer because her brother loves it. Still, it's good clean fun, and she's running around 4 hours a day, so I'm not going to argue with her choice.

My goal for the week is to clean off my desk.  I found the surface of it sometime in January, but 8 months of piling all the stuff I don't quite have time for and the things I'm not sure where to put has rendered it avalanche worthy.

To that end I'm going to Half Price books and the candle/lotion making supply store today.  Naughty Sara!

In all fairness, yesterday I doggedly worked the book issue in our home because I couldn't even walk over to my desk for the bags and piles blocking the way.  We all love books, and it shows by the hundreds of books shelved, stacked and stashed everywhere someone can find to put one.  I managed to clear out 2 boxes of books I'm just not willing to read aloud (boring or poorly written) from our huge bookshelves. On the advice of a friend, I put 3 bins of books in the basement to cycle around to again in a few months.

6 hours a day is a giant treasure and gift to myself.  While there are things I need to DO, I'm also aware that getting back into the swing of the school year, coupled with Bill's heavy fall travel schedule takes a toll on me.  So I'm also making that space to take time to enjoy myself, the sunshine and friends for this week.

I hope that today you, too, will make the space to take care of yourself even if just for a moment.

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