Friday, July 23, 2010


Early this morning, I dropped my brother off at the airport. He's been with us for about a month, a long visit from his new home in Ecuador after living with us for over 7 years.

On the way out, I noticed a shiny sign bringing traveler's attention to the new cell phone laws in Washington State.  Get caught talking on your phone without headphones or texting while driving,  and state patrol will handout a generous fine.

No signs forbid sobbing, so I cried my way home.


avital eliav said...

the last part is adorable

pascalejoguijm said...

it's the same in France (phone without headphones) : it costs a lot !!!

brooke said...

I feel your pain. Sending him so far must be hard.

Sobbing is allowed on all major highways


Miso said...

I like your blog,very insightful.