Friday, June 4, 2010

Song of the Week

An oldie but goodie from my 1970's childhood: Porcupine Pie by Neil Diamond.  Can't say the associated video does much for me.

Traveling to Philly several years ago, I happened to see Neil Diamond on some good morning show.  Somehow over the past 25 years the man got old.  Yikes!

Some of the lyrics surprised me as they differ from what I sang as a kid. I always thought you had to "eat it with love so you'll hands'll turn green."

Porcupine Pie, Porcupine Pie, Porcupine Pie
Vanilla Soup, a double scoop please.... No

Maybe I won't, maybe I will, maybe I'll have
the tutti fruit, with fruity blue cheese

Ah but Porcupine Pie, Porcupine Pie, Porcupine Pie
don't let it get on your jeans

And though it sounds a little strange but
you gotta eat it with gloves or your hands will turn green

Ah but porcupine pie, porcupine pie, porcupine pie
weaves its way through my dreams

I do believe I'm gonna try some and
leave enough room for dessert, the chicken ripple ice cream.

(and yet again, here's the whine about formatting in blogger.  Pictures NEVER show up the way in the final post as they do in my preview window.  Sigh.)


Seattle Amethyst said...

Wow, totally do not recember ever hearing that song, I guess after Jonathan Livingston Seagull we were satisfied with Neil.

The nitty-gritty tales of a housewife said...

Well Sara, i dunno about Porcupine Pie.... but he is a handsome dude!...hehehehe.

Joy said...

Yeah, he's old. (69) But he's still writing and performing; some of my favorites are recent releases. He's just as handsome as ever - in an fine wine sort of way. And that voice . . . yum.

And he can still rock the house too!

Sara said...

Nah, he's older than my dad and he looks it. Yikes! I'm struggling with the eyebrows and the ear hair from Joy's links.

I did love how he played the crowd in the August Nights link.

Still, the dude looks old.