Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lengths of Happiness

I have many flavors of clothing angst.  One of them is tights.   

I love to wear skirts.  I hate to be cold.  And I hate to be uncomfortable.

Now, if you live in the Pacific Northwest and you like skirts and you hate to be cold, wearing tights is a great solution.  However, if you have very long legs and hate to be uncomfortable, wearing tights is a deplorable thing.  Because most tights are made, as far as I can tell, for women 5' 5" and shorter. I don't know how you feel walking around with the crotch of your tights twisting around your knees, but I despise it. Really.

Once, in college, I found some tights that fit me.  I think I wore them 250 days a year for 3 years.  Then they died.  I've been in mourning ever since.  Come September each year, I spend weeks searching for heave weight tights in tall sizes.

Last week, the feet gods smiled upon me and I learned that Hue makes super opaque tights, up to size 4 (which is the size after 5'5").  Then they cruelly laughed and sold out the entire year's production run before I could make it home to my internet browser.  Fie!

Through some truly last gasp random google search, I learned that super opaque tights should measure at least 90 denier.  (Wikipedia tells me that denier is a unit of measurement of linear density of textile fiber mass.  I'm assuming you knitters were keeping this information from the rest of us?)  Suddenly, I'm able to sift the WWW for quality tights and along comes SockDreams.com.  

If you love beautiful socks and tights and long for quality upon your feet, you have to check it out.  If you have long legs, you doubly have to check it out.  I almost had a crisis trying to choose between the cotton-lined wool Danish lovelies and the EG Smith "world's most comfortable cotton suplex" wonders.

Now, if I could just find the right boots to go with my skirt....

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