Monday, August 18, 2008

It's 12:13 in the afternoon

And I'm still wearing my glasses.

This is a bad sign, because I don't think or plan clearly without my contacts in. 

The day started our fine. Bill and I woke up at 6 to pay our bills, industrious little beings that we are.  Because our housemate is in the Caymen Islands (!), we used Hard Hat Harry as our babysitter so we could focus on Quicken.  We finished at 8:00 as usual, but somehow, instead of moving into our normal day, I dithered.  At 8:01, I decided to fix my email problem (my "indexing file" puked and I haven't gotten email regularly for the past 2 weeks).  Hard Hat Harry taught my kids more about Airplanes, all 4032 of my emails that were on the server came rolling in, and I hit googlereader hard.  

Since then, I've fixated on the groovy little Flip Video (thanks to MochaMama), downloaded a ton of stories from  Lit2Go, Skyped with a friend about hair and camping equipment, watched videos from, eaten 1 hot dog and 4 wheateen crackers with approximately a stick of butter. I'm not sure what the kids have consumed. They have however been playing some intricate submarine/pony/fighter jet/cat/Titanic/zoo game that includes the dog under a blanket, foam blocks and occasional screaming.

Normally on a Monday morning, by this time I've been up, done the bills, taken the kids for a run, cooked a nourishing breakfast, helped the kids do their chores and morning routines, practiced our guitars, had a snack, read aloud to the kids and maybe made a few house-business phone calls.

I'm not sure whether to count the morning as completely wasted or filling our need to have some unstructured time.  However, as the hot dog and wheateens are soon to wear off and the frequency of child screaming is increasing, I'm off to take a shower and put in my contacts.

Hopefully that will clear up the afternoon.

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