Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Licking My Wounds

I haven’t posted much to my blog in, oh, 6 months. Partially due to the chaos of moving and trying to focus on re-establishing our lives in a new neighborhood.

But also because of several interactions I’ve had with people about my posts. Okay, so one interaction was real and the person had a perspective I had not considered. I valued the feedback and made changes that felt appropriate and good to me. Hopefully that worked for all involved.

Oddly, the other “interaction” was imaginary. Ready for this? Someone I admire, who I thought might have read one of my posts, posted something I feared might have been a side-wards criticism of one of my posts. I spent HOURS obsessing over what she said, why she didn’t send me direct feedback and how it all may have affected our interactions the last time I saw her in person. Finally in search of relief, I read through her entire blog until I found what I had been obsessing about. Not only was it published before I wrote my post, she posted it over a YEAR before I met her. So clearly a case of her post mirroring something I felt uncomfortable about.

My big take away: sometimes I write and post something that doesn’t feel good to me. I need to be quick to correct those posts and quick to forgive myself. While I’m learning the art of self-acceptance, if at anytime y’all feel moved to give me feedback about content or tone, please know that I would love to hear what you have to say.

With that, I return to my regularly random posting currently in progress.

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