Saturday, March 10, 2007

Do I get some sorta prize?

Imagine this: it’s 9:45 pm. It’s been a long day that topped off a long week that has just wrapped up a complex and overwhelming month that required me to pull over and cry more than once while driving the kids around town. Tomorrow is Sunday. It is my morning off from kids, hubby and life. I’ve just snuggled up to my sweetie, got all the blanket and pillows just so when suddenly, “UGH” I remember I’ve forgotten to do my daily workout. In normal life this wouldn’t be a problem, right? Just pull the blanket up a little closer to my chin and promise myself I’ll do it tomorrow.

Except this is me and my life is never normal.

So problem one, hubby and I have this agreement that I’ll do my workouts 5 days a week and that he’ll support me steadfastly in this.

Problem two is that I’m not just committed to these workouts for academic reasons. They make a noticeable improvement in my life: My body is stronger. Back and neck pain are a rare occurrence these days. I’m much more relaxed and easy going with the kids. I have this new sleek, shapely body that is really fun to live in. So it’s hard to ignore the benefit of the workout.

The biggest problem, number 3, is that in my distress, I said that “UGH” out loud. “What?” from the other side of the pillow materializes into me and my pink nightie doing my interpretation of split snatches and brachiating at 10pm.

Now it turns out the snatches were fun and amazingly somehow I managed to ooze myself across the brachiation ladder 4 times for the first time since junior high.

But still, do I get some sorta prize for this?

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